Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sports, Sports & More Sports (I think)

Anybody know who won Wednesday night???? I’m so giddy, I could wear a Cowboys shirt (almost). This is going to be such a great next 2 weeks that I wish I were unemployed so I could really soak it in….

Time again for the Carnac Invitational, as the weekly picks should be known until Carnac gets one wrong. I'll send mine in a bit, but I'm almost considering picking Jamie Moyer's game again, based on Phil’s theory—don’t jinx things now. I HAVE to pick Moyer—that’s why the Phillies won the NLCS! – John

Trinidad & Tobago won, 2-1. The score’s deceiving because the U.S. squad came in “light” having already sewn up a place in the CONCACAF finals.

Oh, did you mean something else? Obama won. McCain sounded like a broken record. — Kurt

You could have made all that up for all we know! And NOOOOOOObody will bother to verify the facts. GO PHILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Carnac

Well played, Kurt!! Premier League's back! After the brief WC qualifying hiatus, the boys are back on pitch. Toughest decision, though: Which game to pick? Carnac’s making a stink of things being 2-0. To keep pace it’d be easy to weigh in on the Liverpool (17pts) Wigan (9) match. Or nearly as certain is the Middlesbrough (9) Chelsea (17) fixture.

But I'll show Carnac, that sometimes it’s more fun to go out on a limb. I’m going with Stoke City, who is enjoying their first season in the Premier League, to continue Tottenham’s worst start since 1912, with a win at home in Britannia Stadium. (For those of you uninformed on Premier League, this is the equivalent of picking the Bengals over the Lions—few really care, but I know our host, John, has a soft spot for the Hotspur!)

Bonus pick: 13-0-0 Wake over 6-5-1 Dook Saturday night in Winston-Salem. And yes, I'm talking NCAA men’s soccer here) — Phil

Well, I figured everyone (except Phil) is going to be weighing in on MLB, NFL or College FB, so I’m going to weigh in on the Australia Tour of India. The 2nd test begins tomorrow, after a tightly contested 1st match that ended in a draw. Despite playing on foreign soil, I’m going to say Australia will prevail. (Of course, we won’t know until Oct. 21 when the cricket match is over.) [John: Note that this is just for the 2nd test, not for the entire Tour, or for the 3rd and 4th tests.) — Kurt

“Australia Tour of India?” The only good Australians touring India are Midnight Oil. — John

My stone-cold pick for Week 7—the Philadelphia Eagles will not lose this week in football! My Jimmy Johnsons predictions for this weekend:

* Defensive coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, Jimmy Johnson, will have his most successful run defense outing, as his “Sieve of Eratosthenes” which usually allows prime numbered running backs—and all other numbered running backs—to gain insurmountable rushing yards, will be resting through the Eagles’ bye week.

* NASCAR driver, Jimmy Johnson, currently number 1 in the Sprint cup point standings, will win at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at Martinsville Speedway this Sunday, and avoid getting into a fight with dueling duo’s Kevin Harvick and Carl Edwards.

* Ex-Dallas Cowboys/Miami Dolphins head coach and current FOX sports commentator Jimmy Johnson, will continue his flawless hair day streak this weekend as he fights off a hoard of beauty pageant contestants in the FOX studio local shopping area while trying to purchase all available hair-care products.

And finally, my congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies for their amazing run through the NL Championship! Hello, World Series! — Troy V. of Yardley

Who gave you guys homes in this area without checking your allegiances? When you'd rather talk Eratosthenese then errors-by-Furcal-ese on a day like this, I question why I even continue to lose playing poker with you.

I’m sneaking in my pick before Kevin even realizes Penn State plays this weekend: No papers, no TV, no idea, I figure. With apologies to Jamie Moyer for ditching him after he provided the Phillies their only 2008 postseason losses, I'm going with the Nittany Lions over Michigan—to snap a nine-game, 12-year losing streak to the Wolverines.

Sorry, Troy, but Michigan has two Johnsons on their roster—it appears it won’t be a perfect weekend for Johnsons everywhere.

Since I do not have TV, I have decided to go to the PSU game! I will tell stories at our next poker game. The spread was 23 1/2 the other day. Tough to beat that spread. – Kevin

Starting off with some boxing as 26-year-old Kelly Pavlik takes on Philly tough guy Bernard Hopkins, who is John’s age, tomorrow night in Atlantic City. Have to believe Pavlik will win but might not be able to knock him out. My pick: Pavlik by unanimous decision.

On to the Pennsbury Falcons who are back on the gridiron tonight traveling to William Tennent (wherever that is). Pennsbury is 6-1 and, to my surprise, has actually thrown a few passes this year. I think they completed 3 last game. Tennent hasn’t won a game so I am picking Pennsbury by 40 points.

Lastly, if you stayed up to watch the Boston Red Sox come back from a 7-0 deficit entering the 7th to win 8-7, you have to believe that Tampa will have a tough time rebounding from a tough defeat. They had the champagne all ready and now have to travel back to Tampa. — Dave

Nice pick on Pavlik. That’s definitely the big event of the week. Hopkins will stay close in, make it hard for Pavlik to drive that hook, but I think Pavlik’s the hungrier one here.

Things did not bode well in Game 4 of the NLCS when Rafael Furcal ran through Larry Bowa’s signal to hold up at third on Ramirez’ single and narrowly missed the tag. Furcal was lucky there, but he burned up his Baseball Karma with that measly run, and paid dearly in Game 5, committing three costly errors that contributed to two runs. Luckily for us Philly fans, third-base coaches can’t be substituted for shortstops (even if they were legendary shortstops in their prime). And so we move on to the World Series! I like Hamels pitching in Game 1. The Phils begin with a BIG win in Tampa. — Carnac

If Carnac’s going with the Phillies, I'm liking our chances! And finally, some Phillies talk! — John

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