Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holiday season pickings

After a week off for the holidays, I'll bet you're just soooo excited to make your picks this week!

I could go with a gimme—the Giants over the Eagles—but I just can't pick against the Birds. It's gonna be a painful game to watch, but I just can't pick against them.

I'll go with St. Joe's (3-3) over Creighton (4-2) Saturday night in the Hawks' first game this season at the Palestra—their home away from home while the Fieldhouse gets a makeover. The place will be rocking and Creighton won't know what hit them. — John

I love your selection this week and I will be one of the fans at the Palestra. I am in Chicago so I will go with the Bears this weekend although I don't know who they play. — Dave

I'm outside of Philly, but that's not compelling me to pick the Eagles….

I notice I'm in the basement on John's "Standings Ovations.” Perhaps I allow personal loyalties to play too strong a part in my picks. Or perhaps John never bothers to look up the Premier League scores and/or Wake soccer scores.

Regardless, I'm remaining loyal and going with host Wake Forest over South Fla Sunday afternoon in the NCAA soccer quarterfinals. (Chelsea losing 2 out of its last 3 at home has put them on my "naughty" list, so there will be no more mention of them for a while.) — Phil

Your records, I believe, are all current and correct. I do admit to giving up looking for Kurt's 3-man Colorado HS football scores after a quick internet check revealed that I need to get a life. Much like the Chelsea players. See, Phil, you may not be allowed to talk about Chelsea, but you can't stop the rest of us!!!! Chelsea. Chelsea. Chelsea. — John

Well, I, too will stick with college hoops, and with the team with which I am most closely allied. Tonight’s the “City Game” in Pittsburgh… Pitt v. Duquesne. This used to be a pretty good early test for both teams… at one time. Lately, though, the Panthers have been mopping the floor with the Dukes. And tonight shouldn’t be any different. Pitt wins handily, 86-60. — Kurt

It’s time Andy Reid returned to his head coaching philosophy, which is much like the name of his alma mater, Brigham Young University—bring them young. “Don’t trust anyone over 30” was a mantra espoused by both Reid and the movie “Wild in the Streets” (1968). In this movie, thirty becomes the mandatory retirement age.

Similarly, early in Reid’s coaching career with the Eagles, he used this magic age to determine when it was time for Eagles’ players to be sent to greener pastures. However, Reid’s philosophy has apparently changed, and so have the fortunes of the once vaulted, gold standard, Super Bowl-contender Philadelphia Eagles.

The 30-and-over roster crowd includes David Akers, Correll Buckhalter, Brian Dawkins, A.J. Feeley, Darren Howard, Donovan McNabb, Juqua Parker, Jon Runyon, and Tra Thomas. And let’s not forget that the whole offense is based around one individual that will be turning 30 next year, Brian Westbrook.

With the exception of Westbrook, the “baby” of the afore-mentioned group, we can all agree that the talent level of this 30-something group has diminished, while their propensity for injuries as increased. It’s time for Reid to draw on his coaching roots and inject the talented youth throughout the roster to revitalize this team and make it relevant again.

With regards to this week’s match-up with the New York Giants, contrary to the Erratic Sports Propaganda Network, or ESPN for short, I do not buy into the drama and hype perpetuated by its television channel, web site, and magazine. I do not agree that the Giants are infallible, unbeatable, or guaranteed a Super Bowl win this year. I believe the Eagles will keep their slim playoff hopes alive by not losing to the Giants this week. Of course, wording my prediction that way does not preclude a tie! — Troy V. of Yardley

Wow—that's a great point about the 30-year-olds. Why did he stop that philosophy? The funny thing is, for all the grief he took then about it—he was right. When he was doing it, they were winning; once he stopped, the wheels came off.

That said, I'm not letting you off that easy. "Wild in the Streets"??? You must have WAY too much free time on your hands! — John

Pot (John) accusing Kettle (Troy) of being black (having too much free time on his hands)?!? — Phil

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