Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pickin' & Grinnin'

I’m sure Man U. has a big soccer match this week against Woman U. and that somewhere there's an obscure high school event with Kurt's name all over it, but I'm going with the local boys and their attempt at a Rose Bowl bid: Penn State over Michigan State.

But just to show I have varied interests, I'm adding a second pick and a challenge. I'll take the Flyers over the Coyotes Saturday night. And the challenge: is the following name a Flyer or an Ikea product? Leksvik. — John

Props to:
* Albright for being selected to the ECAC Division III Football Bowl Championship series. Best of luck against Montclair State… you have my support, but just not my pick this week.

* The Hi-Plains Patriots for capturing the Colorado Class A 6-man football championship. Led by Kraig Tagtmeyer’s 307 yards rushing, the visiting Patriots should throttle the hosting Idalia Wolves, 74-24.

* John for picking a hockey game.

* Kurt for not picking the Eagles last week.

My picks: Texas Tech over Oklahoma; The Rams over the Eagles; and despite an undefeated record and a win over them earlier this year, Dayspring Christian (Eagles) falls to Merino (Rams) in the Colorado Class A 8-man football championship. — Kurt

Wow—two bold picks: a Tech win and the Rams beating the Eagles. But if the Eagles beat the Ravens, who they actually play this weekend, does that mean the loss to the Rams and the win over the Ravens gives them another tie for the weekend? — John

I like the fact that Andy Reid finally “Buddy-ed Up" yesterday and read his clubhouse the riot act. Count on an inspired game this Sunday. Season ain't over! If they pull this off, we have Arizona at home on a short week, and we can start thinking about a run for the playoffs. Eagles 17, Ravens 13 — Carnac the Magnificent

The heart weighs heavy with Wake not winning the ACC soccer tourney. At least I/we have the NCAAs to look forward to where Wake not only is the defending champion, they are this year's #1 seed. That'll have to wait though until next week since Wake doesn't play until the second round (11/25).

Still, I know how much y'all look forward to my Demon Deacon picks, so I'll go with Wake's field hockey to knock out the Orange in the national semis Friday in L'vull, KY.

And predictions wouldn't be predictions without a little PL: First-place Chelsea (32pts) at home over 17th place (out of 20) Newcastle (13pts). Game of the weekend: Aston Villa (23pts) handles visiting ManU (24pts).

p.s. Yes, John, there is a Santa Claus and Chelsea won last week. — Phil

I stopped believing in Santa awhile ago, but I've always believed in Chelsea. Of all the soccer teams I’ve seen (Caitlin’s, Daniel’s), I've never seen a soccer team better than Chelsea. Oh, by the way, Leksvik is an Ikea product; however, a Vaananen is a Flyer. Go figure. — John

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