Saturday, November 15, 2008

Streaks on the Line

It's pickin' time and aren't all of our teams looking so ... unappetizing. Dallas and Philly at 5-4??? Steelers' fans calling for Leftwich over Big Ben? Penn State coming off a dreadful Iowa loss. And the cold weather beating up Colorado cyclists--Brrrr..... Good thing we always have Albright football!!!

Send 'em in—and will Carnac and Kurt ever lose? — John

They say good things come in threes: This year in Philadelphia, the Soul, lead by owners Ron “Jaws” Jaworski and Jon Bon Jovi, won the AFL championship, the Phillies won the MLB Championship, and…???

Here’s the problem: The 76ers may be fighting an uphill climb this year as the Detroit Pistons have recently added Allen Iverson to their roster, the Flyers are still trying to find an identity, and the Eagles are struggling against teams with winning records.

Good news: The Cincinnati Bengals do not have a winning record. At 1-8, they are definitely a beatable team for the Eagles. After coming off a convincing loss to the New York Giants, the Eagles should be able to turn things around and find a way to beat the Bengals this Sunday. Fortunately, Westbrook (a.k.a the Philadelphia Eagles) is relatively healthy for this week’s match-up. Will the Eagles be the third good thing to happen to Philadelphia? It is unknown at this point, but this weekend’s game should put a W in the win/loss column as they vie for a playoff spot. Eagles 34, Bengals 14. — Troy V. of Yardley

I thought Penn State would be the third titleist that Philly fans could claim. But Iowa? IOWA?!?!?!

Still, I know a winner when I see one—that's you, Troy—so I'm riding your coattails on this one. I'll even throw you a bone and add a pick of Dallas to beat the Redskins. Terrell Owens and DeMarcus Ware will have big games, and the Cowboys get paybacks for the loss earlier this season.

I may be picking 'em, but I won't be rooting for the Cowboys! — John

Remember those really dumb plays Reid called at the end of the loss to the Giants last week? He'll keep on dialing them up, and this week they'll work throughout the game against a woeful team. The Birds win big, and Andy will be feeling like he's Buddy. A motivated Eagles secondary pulls off a safety in this laugh-fest. I love safeties. Eagles 36, Bengals 13 — Carnac the Magnificent

The question: what do you love more, safeties or Buddy Ryan? And if Gern had an opinion, he'd say neither: Larry Bowa is always the answer! — John

Alright, I went outside my comfort zone last week and picked Big Ten football. Shouldda known a conference that calls itself "Ten" but has eleven schools isn't a conference that can be easily analyzed. So I'm dusting myself off and returning to the beautiful game this week with two picks.

First, Wake handles the Wahoos Friday in the ACC soccer semis. Wake took care of UVa a week ago in Charlottesville and I don't see why the outcome won't be the same in Cary, NC.

Second, despite the distraction of Drogba's being fined for tossing a coin thrown at him back into the stands after scoring, Chelsea, standing atop the PL, will pick up 3 more points against cellar-dwelling West Brom. — Phil

That Drogba has some nerve. — John

I agree, but perhaps he’s finally letting some emotion show (poorly directed, no doubt) after that humiliating loss to Rocky in front of Gorbachev

Making a choice in a 3 vs. 4 seed match-up surely puts my streak at risk (I could have easily pansied-up and picked the Bengals to lose). But with risk comes reward right? (I’ll answer that … sometimes. But a reward in an endeavor such as this?) Nonetheless…

I see “The West” prevailing again, as Brit Andy Murray dispatches Russian Nikolay Davydenko in 3 sets in Tennis’ Masters Cup. — Kurt

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