Saturday, February 14, 2009

All-Time Phillies Team

In honor of the start of the defending World Series champion Philllies season (what a beautiful phrase!), a loyal reader with the same initials as mine submitted his selection for the best 25-man Phillies team of all time. (Here's a link to the all-time best Phillies in the World Series.) Take a look at Joe R.'s picks—and send along your own thoughts. — John

1B: Ryan Howard
2B: Chase Utley
SS: Jimmy Rollins
3B: Mike Schmidt
LF: Del Ennis
CF: Richie Ashburn
RF: Chuck Klein
C: Bob Boone
Reserves: Infielders (Pete Rose, Granny Hamner), Outfielders (Greg Luzinski, Garry Maddox, Johnny Callison) Catcher (Darren Daulton).
Pitchers: Grover Cleveland Alexander, Robin Roberts, Jim Bunning, Steve Carlton, Curt Schilling, Cole Hamels, Ron Reed, Gene Garber, Tug McGraw, Jim Konstanty, Brad Lidge

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John Roach said...

Good list.
The only possible change I'd make is taking away Reed and inserting Bobby Abreu. With Lidge, McGraw, and Garber--not to mention those starting pitchers--you may only need a 10-man staff.