Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Dry Season

This is the annual time of “The Great Blackout”—the one month of the year when I can’t claim the TV at any moment because “The Game” is on. No Phillies, no Eagles, no wish for Sixers or Flyers, no undefeated regular season for the Hawks. And no desire to learn about throw-ins and yellow cards, either—sorry, Phil. I’m going to have to do some digging for my picks this week. Anyone want to take a shot at some games—if you can find something worth pickin’? — John

I’ll stay away from picking Wake hoops games, thank you very much. The latest slump (1 win in last 4 games) has my head spinning. Chelsea hasn’t been all that strong either.

And since the Steelers have won everything there is to win in the NFL, I can’t go there either.

Hmmm....what’s left?....I got it! I’ll take the over (64.5) in the Pro Bowl. But I'll leave it to you, John, to find out if I'm right or not. — Phil

I wondered how desperate might this week’s picks be? Hockey? Even worse, Quebec Nordiques hockey? But no, oh no, leave it to Phil to go to a new low...... — John

You shouldn’t have to dig too far, as one of the surprise teams this year in Men’s College Hoops visits your area.

Syracuse plays Villanova at the bailed-out-to-the-tune-of-$25B-Wachovia Center this Saturday. Despite just eking by Providence in its last game, VU is the hotter team coming into the game. Add to that that VU “takes care of business” at home, and SU is 3-3 on the road, and you end up with a win for the Wildcats, 78-68. — Kurt

I’m going with college hoops, too, a tough matchup that I’ll probably watch: Gonzaga-Memphis Saturday night. I like Gonzaga to go far in the NCAA tourney, so I see this as a good out-of-league test for the Zags. I’ll take Gonzaga in a shootout, 81-74.

Saturday night at 8:00 on Fox is the NASCAR Sprint Cup Budweiser Shootout. I am not sure but I believe this is a car race. I will go with the red car. John, let me know if I am correct. — Dave

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