Saturday, February 14, 2009

Those Four Little Words

Hey all,
It's time for those four magic words when your team is the defending world champion: pitchers and catchers report! For the world champion Phillies, that day is Saturday. Though it's not my official weekly prediction, I'll say that the Philllies do indeed have pitchers and catchers who report.....

Anyone else have crazy-solid predictions? — John

My equally esoteric prediction is that, now he has a huge contract, Ryan Howard has his worst year at the plate in 2009. — Kurt

[Written while Gray watches "Survivor" in the background]

I predict there will be lying, back-stabbing, and petty, selfish behavior on "Survivor" this season. I also predict, I won't be watching it.

I predict another loss to an unranked team and Wake will no longer be in the top 25.

I predict switching managers halfway through the season isn't going to take Chelsea to the top of the Premier League. (The guy's also the Russian national team coach!)

I predict that Jim will smirk smuggly and Michael will say something wildly inappropriate. (Sorry, Gray just switched over to "The Office.") — Phil

Phil, I like your pick better than last week's NFL Pro Bowl pick. I figured for sure you were going with the over/under on the NBA All-Star game (what's that number, 391?).

I just took Daniel to his first Big Five game (I won't get into the details of who won the St. Joe's-Temple game and whether I played on 8th-grade teams that scored more points in the first half than a certain losing team: 21), so I'll go with another Big Five match-up for my pick. St. Joe's visits La Salle Saturday and recovers a sliver of pride with a double-digit win over the Explorers.

And I'll guess the All Star game has 8 players who score at least St. Joe's first-half point total. — John

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