Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kolb And The 2007 Quarterback Class

Two Texas-born quarterbacks likely will lead their teams into Sunday's Eagles-Saints game. That's where the similarities end, unfortunately for the Eagles.

Unlike three-time Pro Bowl quarterback Drew Brees (Austin, TX), Kevin Kolb (Victoria, TX) has struggled on the rare occasions he's taken the field during his three seasons. In fact, at this early stage, he's one of the worst of the 10 quarterbacks taken in the 2007 NFL Draft. Of the 10, one became a wide receiver (Isaiah Stanback) and another is out of the NFL (Jeff Rowe).

Kolb and Cincinnati's Jordan Palmer are the only 2007 quarterback draftees without a career touchdown pass. And Kolb, Palmer, and Drew Stanton are the only ones who have yet to start an NFL game. Kolb alone hits the trifecta, though: he has the worst career quarterback rating of the bunch (25.0).

The other draftees are JaMarcus Russell and Brady Quinn, the two quarterbacks taken ahead of Kolb at 36th overall, as well as John Beck, Trent Edwards, Troy Smith, and Tyler Thigpen.

The majority of the NFL's star quarterbacks are full-time starters by their second season, players such as Brees, Carson Palmer, Tom Brady, Eli and Peyton Manning, Jay Cutler, Ben Roethlisberger, and Eagles quarterbacks Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick. There are exceptions, including players who started in their fourth season, such as Jake Delhomme, Tony Romo, Aaron Rodgers, and Matt Cassell. And the Eagles' newest acquisition, Jeff Garcia, spent years playing in the Canadian Football League before becoming a four-time NFL Pro Bowler.

For now, however, Kolb's ranking among the worst of the 2007 quarterback draft class stands out, even more so compared to this week's opponent. Brees has 174 career touchdown passes and 107 career starts. If he does start, Kolb will at least get rid of one zero on his quarterbacking resume.

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