Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Win 90, Reach The World Series

Here's some good news for this year's Phillies team, which had 87 wins heading into the doubleheader with Florida. When they reach 90 wins, they will have punched their ticket to the World Series, if history holds form.

The last four times the Phillies have won at least 90 regular-season games they've gone on to reach the World Series (2008, 1993, 1983, and 1980). They are the only major league team to have a streak of four years during the league championship series era, which began following the 1969 season.

In fact, just two teams in major league history have longer streaks. The New York Yankees reached the World Series every time they won at least 90 games nine straight times (1960-64, and 1955-58), and also eight straight (1947, 1941-43, 1936-39). And the New York Giants (now San Francisco) did so eight times (1921-24, 1917, 1911-13).

The last time the Phillies won at least 90 and failed to make the World Series was 1978, when the team went 90-72 and lost to Cincinnati in the National League Championship Series.

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