Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Phillies All-Time 9 Poll

The Phillies website has an interesting poll: The All-Time 9 allows voters to select the best seasons by players at each of the nine positions. It's pretty comprehensive and provides a look at many of the best seasons in team history. (Each player only has one season chosen, so players like Mike Schmidt who had several monster seasons only have one season included.)

The players I chose looked awfully familiar to the all-time Phillies team I picked in a blog entry earlier this year. Except, oddly the All-Time 9 offered no Bob Boone season to choose from--he had his best Phillies season in 1978. However, while Boone's longevity and consistency make him the team's best catcher ever, he didn't have a standout season better than the ones presented.

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